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Coffin handle 230/1021; cast metal

Coffin handle made by cast metal Article 230/1021 with whole spacing 230 mm Available in different colours: - antique cooper elec. plated -antique pewter elec. plated...
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XIAMEN VINSTONE CO.,LTD located in beautiful sea city xiamen,It's build in 1998 by HK Vinlo Group Co.,Limited.As one of the largest stone products producer and...
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    Funeral directory by categories

Cemeteries & crematories
  • Design and construction
  • Administration
  • Equipment supply
  • Renovation and conservation services
  • Cleaning equipment

Graves & memorials
  • Design and execution
  • Raw materials, machines and tools to engrave
  • Grave borders and surrounds and grave encasings
  • Columbaria
  • Gravestone elements and decorations (plaques, vases, letters, sculptures, ornaments etc.)

Funeral services
  • Printing (software, designing and printing information cards, obituaries, band inscriptions, etc.) and publications (catalogues, books, newsletters, brochures, pictures, etc.)
  • Florist art (wreaths, bouquets, flowers, plants, decorative and constructional accessories, etc.)
  • Arrangement and conducting funerary ceremonies

Coffins & sarcophaguses
  • Coffins of wood, metals, plastics, wicker, cardboard etc.
  • Stains, paints and lacquers
  • Linking technology (hammers, glue guns, staples, nails etc.)
  • Ornaments foe external and internal decoration of coffins (inserts, linings, handles, crosses, coffin plaques, images, bolts, covers, cushions, laces, sculpted and painted ornaments)

Urns & urn containers
  • Metal urns
  • Wooden urns
  • Stone urnd
  • Glass and ceramic urns

Means of transport
  • Hearses
  • Carts, lifts, capsules, stretchers, bags
  • Transport services (domestic and international transport)

Funeral accessories
  • Clothes, shoes and accessories for mourners, cemetery workers and for the dead
  • Candles, lights

Funeral homes
  • Interior design
  • Mortuary equipment, devices and accessories (tables, cold stores, racks for cooling chambers, cooling lids etc.)

  • Cosmetics
  • Training in funerary practices

Arts & crafts works
  • Artistic masonry, foundry, metalwork, ceramics, stucco decoration, painting, stained glass art, gold plating and conservation services
 Welcome to funeral website

Welcome to the funeral trade website The announcement of funeral fairs, news, legislations and regulations. All of these pieces of information you will find here. In addition we are preparing funeral directory of companies, products and services.

 All Saints Day
All Saints' Day, All Hallows, Hallowmas ("hallows" meaning "saints," and "mas" meaning "Mass"), is a feast celebrated on November 1 or on the first Sunday after Pentecost in honour of all the saints, known and unknown. Halloween is the day preceding it, and is so named because it is "The Eve of All Hallows".

All Saints is also a Christian formula invoking all the faithful saints and martyrs, known or unknown....

 Funeral business directory

If you run a funeral agency, a funeral home or a company which is engaged in embalming, body and ashes transporting, cremation, funeral ceremony, making gravestones, wreaths, sarcophaguses. If you have a hearse, coffins (caskets), urns or if you administer a cemetery, this funeral business directory is for you! Thanks to this, you will obtain the opportunity to advertise your company FREE.

Last added Fairs
The 1st Russian Funeral Exhibition celebrates its 15th anniversary! October 23-24-25, Moscow VVC, Pavilion № 20

Official Support:
* Moscow Government
* Ministry of Regional Development of Russian...

 FUNERAIRE Paris 2007
Salon Funéraire, the international funeral art exhibition held at Paris - Le Bourget, is the reference for funeral professionals: funeral directors, stone cutters, florists, embalmers, insurers, local authorities...
This exhibition is defined by its focus on the quality and diversity of professional relations, the reason why it has gained an international and unique standing in the funeral industry.

The exhibition - the tenth staged - is the perfect place to communicate, learn and enjoy yourself with...